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In the world of coaching, having a “niche” is really pushed. And as a marketeer I know how important it is to define your target audience. But, despite that, I’ve decided that having a “niche” doesn’t work for me. 

So I coach women - all of them. 

Some women I coach are on a mission to change the world. Some are on a mission to change themselves. Some want to find jobs, and some want to leave jobs. Some want to start something new, others want to wind down and do less. 

I believe coaching can bring value for anyone and any situation - so whatever it is you’re on a mission to do, if you identify as a woman, I believe we can work together. 

I’ve chosen to coach women because I want to help women see, and achieve, their full potential. And to move away from the limits or expectations imposed by others or even imposed by our own brains and beliefs about ourselves and what we could, or should, do.

I want to help each woman I coach feel like she can thrive in her own unique way.



About me: Services

I offer coaching that’s about you, not just the ‘thing’ you want to achieve. In the biz that’s called ‘transformational coaching’ but really all it means is that I want you to feel like your success comes from being truly aligned and connected to your values, your beliefs, your “truth”. 

Because what’s the point in achieving success if it doesn’t feel right for you? 

I want you to feel like you are full of potential, can own your decisions, and aren’t held back by what you feel you “should” be doing, having, or feeling. 

To give you an idea, here’s how my prior clients have described working with me….

How they feel working with me

Safe, supported, able to open up, at ease, listened to. 

How they describe my style

Professional, structured, friendly, fun, gentle and able to go deep when needed. 

What they get from working with me

Self exploration, reflection, clarity, lightbulb moments, a deeper understanding, strategies to move forward, achievable goals, confidence, and motivation.

Read more of my testimonials here.

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I am a coach for women who are on a mission to make changes to their lives and careers. 

I completed my coach training with Performance Consultants International in 2019/20 and am member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and have an Associate Certified Coach credential. I am also a Lumina Spark practitioner.

I’m passionate about the power of coaching and self-examination to help us all think and feel better, and more in control of achieving our goals. I am a feminist, and I believe women should have a choice to do, and be, whatever they want. 

When I’m not coaching clients I’m a B2B marketeer for for Octopus MoneyCoach, an organisation that’s on a mission to help people feel good about money, by making financial coaching accessible to all. And in my downtime you’ll find me reading about behavioural science, listening to podcasts about business psychology, practising yoga, riding horses, or having a beer.

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