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The Pyramid Of Goals

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Use this tool to break down your goals into more meaningful ‘levels’ that help you get clearer on the steps to get there.

I love using this model with clients when they’re struggling to make tangible progress towards their goals.

By breaking goals down to different levels of aspiration and achievement, you start to see more clearly how each stage is an important part of the journey which feeds into your overall aim.

Here’s how it works:

Level #1 - The Dream Goal

The vision that inspires you, i.e. something conceptual, a feeling or a state

that you want for yourself.

Level #2 - The End Goal

The reality of that vision, i.e. what thing or achievement will bring that conceptual feeling or dream to life for you?

Level #3 - The Performance Goal

The skills, behaviours or knowledge you need to develop to get to the next level, your end goal.

Level #4 - The Process Goal

The daily actions needed to get to that performance goal, i.e. what do you need to start doing now, to create new behaviours or new knowledge that serve your performance goal.

Download your own version to work on here.

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