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I love yoga. 


It keeps me sane and grounded in my own day-to-day, and it’s been a part of my life since University. 


In 2022 I completed a 200 hour teacher training at The House of Yoga in Putney. So now, I also curate fun and flowing yoga experiences for individuals, teams and groups.

What I Offer


Yoga At The Office  

At its best, work is thrilling, exciting and inspiring! We spring out of bed, hit the ground running, and have non-stop creative ideas and problem-solving lightbulb moments all day long. And then we skip home to continue being our best selves with family and friends.


But how often is that the day-to-day reality? Even when you love your job, it can be draining, stressful, and hard to switch off from. 


Help your team combat the slumps, the brain fog, and the energy dips with a 30, 45, or 60 minute yoga class in your office to start or end their day.


Yoga At Your Offsite

In need of something to fill those ever elusive after-lunch graveyard slots in your off-site or strategy day agenda? 


I’ll work with you to create a bespoke yoga event that brings together power vinyasa, breath work and guided meditation to invigorate the body and the mind.


Whether you need something to get people re-energised and in the flow before a brainstorm. Or you want to create a reflective space for some more ‘ah-ha!’ moments after a day of business planning…get in touch and I’ll help you create an 60-90 minute session that suits your needs. 

Join a live class! 

I teach a monthly community class in the amazing Shepherd’s Bush Market that’s open and accessible for all. 

Get in Touch

Drop me a message and let’s create a brilliant yoga event together! 

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The yoga sessions which are pitched just right for beginners or pros and Lily’s calm demeanour means we can all truly switch-off to the madness of the week and just go with the flow.

HR lead, Hammersmith Academy 

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